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Gabriella Labucci

Ballarat local Gabriella Labucci is well acquainted with the spotlight - you can find this wild child of cabaret and drag roller skating, modelling, hosting, acting, TikToking up a storm ... oh, and more recently starring as the runner up of season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under and the national Werq The World Tour. With a dress of crochet, a heart of gold and a truly wicked sense of humour & style this busy, funny gal is taking the world and the World Wide Web by storm - one friendship bracelet at a time.

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Isis Avis Loren


Isis - Egyptian goddess of life and magic, drag extraordinaire and winner of season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under. Isis also took out Best Costumier and Miss Congeniality at the Melbourne Drag Awards - this sweetheart certainly knows her way around a sewing machine, clothing herself and much of the elite Melbourne drag scene in her Haus of Loren creations. She recently costumed for and performed at Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival and Sydney Mardi Gras and enjoys busying her glamorous hands with gardening.

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Rubi Taboo

The ever delightful - and devilishly funny - Rubi Taboo has been honing her skills for years throughout Melbourne’s premier venues, and is no stranger to hosting the house down. A powerhouse queen, always dressed to the 9s and ready to lip synch for her life, we can’t get enough. This dancing clown is a proud member of the Haus of Handful and it shows the second she hits the stage - quite simply, she believes in the power of drag ... and we believe in the power of Rubi! Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, hello Rubi every day.

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Jemima Handful


Our dancing queen! From pirouettes and pointe shoes to twerking and twirling this classically trained ballerina isn’t joking when she says she’s a handful! Jemima took out Melbourne’s Choreographer of the Year and her high energy shows have made her a crowd favourite worldwide, including on the main stage at Amsterdam’s illustrious Milkshake festival. Jemima once infamously slid head first on her stomach down the steps of the Atheneum Theatre mid-performance at White Night,  rose to her feet and kept on dancing - commit to the bit!

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Artist and performer HollyPop is Melbourne’s pretty pink princess - sweetening lives wherever she goes while well and truly weaponising both her Bachelor of Music Theatre and  Diploma of Screen & Media (Specialised Makeup Services). HollyPop has cemented herself as a bubbly, professional, effervescent personality - showing off the lot in her 2023 Melbourne Fringe debut 'Working 5 - 9' with Brenda Bressed.  Add some sugar to your life with Hollypop.


Sasha Starr

The Woo Girl of your dreams, often appearing through a haze of baby pink feathers, Sasha is a showgirl through and through. A diva drawn to useless facts and all things sparkly she is our trivia hostess with the mostess who prides herself on asking the big questions, and serving face while doing so. A prominent member of the Melbourne drag scene and the award winning Size Queens, this dancing queen is a sequin covered, rhinestoned ball of energy and when she’s not impersonating pop royalty she’s spoiling her pets rotten!

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Pashion Couture

Costume designer to the demigods and officially the tallest drag queen in captivity, Pashion took out Bitch of the Year at the Melbourne Drag Awards and true to form she’s never too far from the piping hot gossip. Creating pieces for DragCon LA & NY, Coles Supermarkets, Sydney Mardi Gras and World Pride, her threads and quick wit are internationally adored. Just don’t be surprised if they arrive covered in cat hair from her faithful studio assistant Snips ... and before you ask, with the hair and heels on she is well over 7ft.

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Max Drag Queen

Since taking out Best New Talent at the Melbourne Drag Awards, Max has been non-stop cartwheeling her way onto every stage in her path. Heavily influenced by current pop goddesses and renown for delivering the latest anthems in true Max style, don’t expect to see this high-kicking diva stay in one spot for too long! Off the stage you’ll find Max playing with her cat, requesting the Prodigy, slaying the choreo to Lady Gaga’s latest release ... and casually breaking bed bases while flipping onto them.

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Bettie Rosé

Bettie Rosé is a force to be reckoned with. A dedicated Swiftie, crocs devotee, turquoise and hot pink's biggest fan and much adored host of the iconic institution that is Thursgay, Bettie is synonymous with the Melbourne queer scene. When off stage she can often be found at the sewing machine - cladding herself - and other drag artists - in her stunning Haus of Rosé fashions, and Sydney World Pride 2023 saw Bettie take centre stage on the main stage to flawlessly perform our national anthem (Untouched) with the Veronicas - a hallmark moment. 

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That’s not a woman, it’s a man.. duh! We first met Amanduh when she was underage and applied for a job at PB in the bar as a glassy. Since then (all while doing a stint in the Maccas drive through) she's blossomed into a fully fledged diva! Booked and blessed, she travels the state each week turning stunts at bars, hen’s days, painting her inner diva and when we’re lucky - giving the full Amanduh experience on the Piano Bar stage. She’s a musical theatre kid at heart, just don’t ask her to do the splits … yet.

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Elektra Lite

Hailing from the ‘rat, Elektra Lite is a quick-witted, glamour-clown. The doll you wish you had growing up and the doll your dad wishes he had now. She’s been performing regionally since 2018, always injecting the Elektra Lite twist - aiming to have you laughing, dancing or crying (often all three at once) by the end of her shows. From burlesque to ballads to bimbo-ing it up, Elektra can do it all and you never quite know what you’re going to get … but you will like it. Oh, and her favourite colours are pink and iridescent, duh!

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Xena Ghost

What’s the matter Sidney? You look like you’ve Xena Ghost. Relatively new to the Piano Bar line up but not new to the Melbourne scene, Xena has been haunting stages since 2021 and building a solid reputation as THEE ONE, particularly when it comes to make up. She’s just as popular over on TikTok, notably landed her first split on stage in 2021 at a sold out drag haus show (c’monnn timing) and somehow she finds time to sew most of her own drag - a total wiz on the sewing machine. Make up, social media, performance, sewing … sounds like a quadruple threat to us!

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